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meet our team . meet our team . meet our team

We believe that brands that connect with their essence and reflect it daily in their actions generate better-prepared leaders, more engaged teams and more satisfied consumers.

And more than believing, we actively work to create a world in which brands not only exist but are tools for transformation.


That’s why we reveal what underpins each brand’s presence in the world.

Based on exclusive methodologies and in-depth immersion tools, we immerse ourselves in each business to develop narratives and design projects that give life to brands that become significant assets.

We materialize their essence, aligning culture and positioning. We develop everything from your visual, verbal, olfactory and sound identity to the construction of your corporate culture and philosophy, including the design of the customer experience journey, market research, strategic planning and team training.

Our strength comes from the combination of essence and strategy.

This is the Essence way of developing brands that leave their mark on the world.

meet our team

Andyale Almeida
Gisele Dias
Maria Brasil
Fabiana Conceição
Gabriela Sousa
Letícia Luzbel
Daiana Silva
Amanda Dragone
Nicole Guedes
Maria Eduarda Souza
Tania Kulb

Maria Brasil

Founder and CEO

Consultant, teacher, writer and speaker. For more than a decade creating and building Brands with Soul, which add strategic efficiency while generating value for the world. Specialist in Branding and Brand Management. After being the first female President of the National Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, she is the current President of the entity's Advisory Board. TEDx Speaker and lecturer with international experience, she is the author of the book “O Discurso do Reu”, a work in which she deals with topics such as Purpose, Conscious Capitalism and new business models.

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